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Cascade Stainless Solutions, LLC– Keg Cleaner Machine Company

Our founders started Cascade Stainless Solutions from their love of the microbrewing community and a passion for making quality keg washers. This is our focus and our specialization.

At Cascade Stainless Solutions, our keg washing machines take the headaches and hard labor out of the equation.

We designed our high-quality equipment so that you can clean your kegs with ease. We set out to design one of the most sophisticated, premium-grade keg cleaners available on the market.

At Cascade Stainless Solutions, we understand the need for professional cleaning equipment when it comes to expert brewing. So it should come as no surprise that we created a simple all-around solution to make the microbrewery process even easier for you.

We also offer our expertise in making:

Micro Brewing and Metal Fabriation Services


Cascade Stainless Solutions, LLC specializes in High performing American made Keg Washers and affiliated products for the Micro Brewing Industry and Community

Our Story.

Founded in 2017 when two friends who love the micro brewing community came together to create a better keg washer.

We have a passion for high quality keg washers and have decided to make this our specialization. Focus on one thing and do it better than everyone else.

- Kyle Wilson, Co-Founder

Leadership Team

Kyle Wilson


Zach Parsley



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Cascade Stainless Solutions Client Testimonial Male Profile

"Cascade Stainless Solutions has been awesome to work with all around, Kyle and Zach have been great to work with and offer great customer service. The product has been extremely reliable, we’re really happy with our purchase."

Paul B.


Cascade Stainless Solutions Client Testimonial Male Profile

"...Kyle and team have been great at providing over the phone troubleshooting. A person always answers their phone, texts, or emails in a timely manner (less than 30 minutes). I am very impressed by this. They are also able to have replacement parts to us faster than any other company that I've worked with. I am excited to continue to grow with CSS..."

Miller K.


Cascade Stainless Solutions Client Testimonial Male Profile

"Cascade Stainless Solutions were recommended to me by G4 Kegs, and I am so happy we decided to purchase our keg washer from them...

On top of machine quality, the customer service has been on point. Kyle was with me every step of the way from my first inquiry, through manufacturing, shipping and start-up. Great machines, great company. I recommend them."

Matt B.


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