Custom Stainless Steel

We can design anything for your micro brewery

Custom Stainless Steel Fittings and Fixtures for the Micro Brewing Community

Cascade Stainless Steel Keg Custom Stainless Steel Sample

Custom Stainless Steel And Fittings


We can do almost any custom stainless steel work for you. We excel at custom work for your micro brewery equipment and environment.

We create each product as if it was going into our own brewery, and ensure top quality craftmanship.

Cascade Stainless Solutions Custom Stainless Steel Sample 10

Cascade Stainless Solutions Custom Stainless Steel Sample 9

For Combination Orders Only

Custom Fittings

Our custom stainless steel fittings are offered only to our existing customers and those ordering other equipment such as our Keg Washer(s). At this time we do not usually offer one off custom stainless steel without combining it with another product.

Offered in combination with our other products.

Micro Brewing Product(s) Manufacturing Process: