Keg Washers With Allen-Bradley Electronics

Manufactured in Oregon, USA for the Micro Brewing Community

Modern Allen-Bradley Advanced Human Interface and Components. Easy to Operate Semi Automatic Keg Washer

Cascade Stainless Keg Washer Advacnced Interface Controls Sample

Modern Electronic Controls


Manage the semi automatic keg washing process from the control panel. Fully adjustable parameters for washing 1/6 bbl, 1/4 bbl, and 1/2 bbl keg sizes. Adjust the rinse and purge set points from the Auto-Cycle Settings menu screen. In addition to running fully automatic wash cycles, the Cascade Stainless Solutions American Made Keg Washer can be switched to manual mode where the user can operate every stage of the wash cycle on the touchscreen monitor.

American sourced Allen-Bradley Electronic Interface and components

Cascade Stainless Solutions Keg Washer Advacned Interface Controller Sample

Best American Made Keg Washers for the Micro Brewing Community - Made in Oregon, USA and delivered worldwide in 2 Head (with Premium and Economical Options), 3 Head, and 4 Head configurations.

Cascade Stainless Solutions Keg Washer 2 Head Small 2022

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