Keg Washers Custom Made

Manufactured in Oregon, USA for the Micro Brewing Community

Best American Made Custom Crafted Keg Washers for the Micro Brewing Community - Made in Oregon, USA and delivered worldwide

At Cascade Stainless Solutions, we design high-quality custom keg washers for sale. Our state-of-the-art technology is a cut above the rest. Being home to the state in which microbrewery originated, we are masters at our craft and have a deep understanding of what is needed to properly maintain a brewery. It all begins with proper keg maintenance. At Cascade Stainless Solutions, we carry years of experience and extensive knowledge from being in the microbrewery industry. We are confident our keg cleaning equipment stands to be your number one solution to making your operations run smoothly.

Cascade Stainless Custom 2 head Keg Washer 2022 sample

American Made Customized Keg Washers


We design our custom keg washers for sale to deliver high performance, even under stressful conditions. We provide a line of sturdy, meticulously tested keg washers. We are also able to customize your design, materials, sizing, and even provide your own personal logo. We also offer customized options for our VIP customers and custom add-on products. Maybe you have extremely limited real estate or a difficult installation location that requires some custom fittings, stainless work, or just that unique feature of your brewery. We are here to listen and build what you need.

We create each product as if it was going into our own brewery, and ensure perfect operation.

User-Friendly Monitor

Our cutting-edge technology includes a fully controllable dashboard. The dashboards integrated control panel allows the user to adjust the washing parameters to 1/6 bbl, ¼ bbl, and ½ bbl keg sizes. All cycles are run on an automatic cycle. With our premier custom keg washer for sale, you also have the option to switch the automatic cycle over to manual mode. This allows the user to fully control the cleaning parameters of their keg.

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Cascade Stainless Keg Washer 2 Head Sample

Best American Made Keg Washers for the Micro Brewing Community - Made in Oregon, USA and delivered worldwide in 2 Head (with Premium and Economical Options), 3 Head, and 4 Head configurations.

Cascade Stainless Solutions Keg Washer 2 Head Small 2022

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