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Formerly Stryke Fabrication

Now wholly owned and operated by Cascade Stainless Solutions

Changes in 2023

Stryke Fabrication acquired by Cascade Stainless Solutions to become one location for all of your metal fabrication needs proudly located in Bend, Oregon USA.

Formerly known as Stryke Fabrication and now wholly owned by Cascade Stainless Solutions.

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Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication


Fabricating quality and custom metal solutions for commercial and residential customers.


Proud local citizens of Bend, Oregon bringing the best quality custom metal fabrication solutions to the area.

Metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and others. CNC plasma table services. Sinks, serving stations, custom metal work, laser engraving, firepits, RV tanks, signs, and much more. We can fabricate what you need at a high quality, with affordable pricing, and local knowledge.

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Custom Metal Fabrication Projects.

Have a very specific location with unusual dimensions and need that custom fit, or have a design idea that needs that personal touch, or just looking for top quality metal or steel work, we are the solution.

Sink Repair and Fabrication.

Long history of sink repair and fabrication. Talk to us about your metal sink needs today.

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Metal and Steel Restaurant Installations.

Serving Stations, Food Preparation Areas, and much more. We have helped many restaurant kitchens create that perfect food prep environment.

Metal Design and Patterns.

Custom crafted metal design and pattern work for that "stand-out" detail and personal design touch.

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Stryke Fabrication Laser Engraving Example 1

Custom Laser Engraving.

Logos, text, images, and more laser engraved on your metal product(s). Personalize your project and give it that top notch professional appearance.

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Serving the Bend, Oregon USA area.