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Custom Builds

Keg Washers for Custom Specifications

Keg Washers Custom Fabricated for Specific Needs and Measurements

Do you have a highly specific space you need to fit your keg washer into, or have industry specific needs that we need to accommodate?

Reach out to us today to discuss a custom keg washer fabrication.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

American Made Custom Fabricated Keg Washers

We design our custom keg washers to deliver high performance even under stressful conditions.

We provide a line of sturdy and meticulously tested keg washers.

We are also able to customize your design, materials, sizing, and even provide your own personal logo.

Maybe you have extremely limited real estate or a difficult installation location that requires some custom fittings, stainless work, or just that unique feature of your brewery. We are here to listen and build what you need.

We create each product as if it was going into our own brewery, and ensure perfect operation.

Keg Washer 2 Head Imperial Line by Cascade Stainless Solutions 800 x 800
Cascade Stainless Solutions

Best Keg Washers American Made

Best American Made Keg Washers for the Micro Brewing Community - Made in Oregon, USA and delivered worldwide in 2 Head (with Premium and Economical Options), 3 Head, and 4 Head configurations.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

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