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Cascade has been awesome to work with all around, Kyle and Zach have been great to work with and offer great customer service. The product has been extremely reliable, we’re really happy with our purchase.

Paul B.


I bought a keg washer from them for my brewery and I was really impressed with their customer service and response times when I had questions. After over a year of use the washer still works very well. If you're in the market for a keg washer these guys make great products. I will use them every time now. I highly recommend their products.

Seth M.


Cascade Stainless Solutions were recommended to me by G4 Kegs, and I am so happy we decided to purchase our keg washer from them.

Our brewery, Great Falls Brewing Co., is a small brewery in Connecticut with a 10 BBL brewhouse and one brewer doing everything from compliance and reporting to washing kegs and making beer. The semi-automatic 2 head keg washer we bought in Summer 2018 was a good deal compared to the rest of the marketplace, and even better when you factor in all the saved labor hours. When calculating my own labor, I don't even include keg washing because I always do it concurrently with other tasks- just set it up, get some kegs on and walk away to do something else.

Another pro for their system are the recipe design features that let you determine how many caustic rinse repeats, purges, sanitizer rinses, how long you want your CO2 purge, and more. It means you can have repeatable, tailored keg washing results.

I trained a local 'will-work-for-beer' volunteer on the keg washer in about 10 minutes and they had 30 kegs washed in no time. Try training someone with no brewing experience on a manual keg washer in that amount of time and actually feeling good about the results. The CSS machine has an intuitive touch screen interface that, once you set it up, can be run by pressing one button(!).

On top of machine quality, the customer service has been on point. Kyle was with me every step of the way from my first inquiry, through manufacturing, shipping and start-up. Great machines, great company. I recommend them.

Matt B.


I'd be happy to submit a review for Cascade Stainless Solutions. We had some intermittent issues ranging from minor inconveniences to production disruptions. Kyle and the CSS team have been great at providing over the phone troubleshooting. A person always answers their phone, texts, or emails in a timely manor (less than 30 minutes). I am very impressed by this. They are also able to have replacement parts to us faster than any other company that I've worked with. I am excited to continue to grow with CSS. I hope that we can provide them with valuable feed back in the way they provide us with quality customer service and equipment.

Miller K.


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