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Our Passion is the Microbrewing Community Worldwide

Who We Are

Cascade Stainless Solutions, LLC– Keg Cleaner Machine Company

Our founders started Cascade Stainless Solutions from their love of the microbrewing community and a passion for making quality keg washers. This is our focus and our specialization.

At Cascade Stainless Solutions, our keg washing machines take the headaches and hard labor out of the equation.

We designed our high-quality equipment so that you can clean your kegs with ease. We set out to design one of the most sophisticated, premium-grade keg cleaners available on the market.

At Cascade Stainless Solutions, we understand the need for professional cleaning equipment when it comes to expert brewing. So it should come as no surprise that we created a simple all-around solution to make the microbrewery process even easier for you.

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Founded in 2017 by Cofounders:

  • Kyle Wilson

  • Zach Parsley

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