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Best Keg Washers, Products, and Services for the Brewing Community Worldwide

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We proudly serve the microbrewing community that we love and are a part of. We offer top quality construction Keg Washers, Yeast Brinks, Keg Filling Manifolds, Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication, and consumable items available in our online shop such as wearable replacement parts, cleaning chemicals, fittings, and more.

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Cascade Stainless Solutions

Keg Washers

Made in the USA. Top quality construction for the microbrewing community. Best 2 Head, 3 Head, and 4 Head Keg Washers.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Online Shop

For cleaning chemicals, fittings, replacement of wearable items, and other helpful items.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Industries Served

Our American made Keg Washers and accessories have been used in many industries beyond the traditional microbrewing community. Such as Kombucha brewers, cold press coffee, keg cocktail and wine, keg beverages, and several more.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Yeast Brinks

Custom Brink, a Yeast Transport Tool, for the Microbrewing Community

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Keg Filling Manifolds

Custom keg filling manifolds for your brewing environment.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom Stainless Steel fittings and other products for the microbrewing community and beyond.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Custom Metal Fabrication for Bend, Oregon USA

Metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and others. CNC plasma table services. Sinks, serving stations, custom metal work, laser engraving, firepits, RV tanks, signs, and much more. We can fabricate what you need at a high quality, with affordable pricing, and local knowledge.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Finance My Keg Washer

We partner with a reputable financing company to provide you with assistance in purchasing your CSS keg washer.

Our Focus on Quality

1. Gather Requirements

We make sure we understand the total needs of our clients and that our solution will be the right fit. We gather all required specifications and double check them all.

2. Fabrication & Testing

Careful fabrication to exacting specifications. Then exhaustive testing of all equipment, controls, and connectors to ensure long lasting and accurate operations.

3. Final Inspection & Delivery

Final Inspection and quality control. Packing and shipping to final destination.

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