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Session Line

2 Head Economical Keg Washers

Economical Session Line Keg Washers from Cascade Stainless Solutions

*New* Keg Washer Models and Recent Redesign

We have upgraded our keg washer designs and now we offer two distinct and different lines of keg washers to accommodate every sized brewery from large to small and from starting-out to rapid-growth. The premium Imperial Line keg washers and the more economical Session Line keg washers.

*The economical Session Line keg washer is only offered in a 2 head/keg cleaner configuration at this time.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Economical - Session Line Keg Washers

Created with the startup brewery in mind. Only what you need for a dependable 2 head semi-automatic keg washer.

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Economical Session Line Keg Washers

For our more budget minded brew houses we offer our more economical entry point keg washer known as the Session line. The Session keg washer is only available as a 2 head/keg configuration and is constructed with the startup micro-brewery in mind.

Cascade Stainless Solutions

Best Keg Washers American Made

Best American Made Keg Washers for the Micro Brewing Community - Made in Oregon, USA and delivered worldwide.

Session Line Keg Washer Models

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Session Line : 2 Head


Startup Brewery

2 Station Keg Washer

53” L x 45” W x 48" H
3/4 HP AMT Pump
30 Gallon Reservoir(s)
1 Year Warranty

PDF Specifications 2 Head Session

Our Focus on Quality

1. Gather Requirements

We make sure we understand the total needs of our clients and that our solution will be the right fit. We gather all required specifications and double check them all.

2. Fabrication & Testing

Careful fabrication to exacting specifications. Then exhaustive testing of all equipment, controls, and connectors to ensure long lasting and accurate operations.

3. Final Inspection & Testing

Final Inspection and quality control. Packing and shipping to final destination.

Allen Bradley Equipment

Modern Electronic Controls

Easily control your semi-automatic keg cleaning process with our user-friendly dashboard. Fully adjustable parameters for washing 1/6 bbl, 1/4 bbl, and 1/2 bbl keg sizes. Modify the rinse and purge set points from the Auto-Cycle Settings menu screen. Along with being able to run fully automatic wash cycles, your Cascade Stainless Solutions washer can also be swapped over to manual mode so that the user can operate all stages of the wash cycle on their dashboard.

American sourced Allen-Bradley Electronic Interface and components

Multi Head / Multi Keg Models

Wash 2 Kegs at the Same Time.

For new startup breweries we now offer our slightly less advanced and more economical Session line 2 head keg washer to get you up and running.

We Love the Microbrewing Community

Built With the Brewer in Mind

All valves and connections on our American Made Keg Washers use brewery standard 1.5” tri-clamp fittings to ensure easy cleaning and sanitation. By doing this it allows for easy replacement of our interchangeable parts by the customer.

In the unlikely event that something was to fail on your Keg Washer, a replacement part is only an overnight shipment away. No waiting weeks to get a replacement part, while dirty kegs pile up in the brewery.

Engineered to Run

Heavy Duty Construction

We use the finest in materials, construction techniques, and welding.
The end result is a strong unit that can stand the test of time and rigorous usage.

Our products are designed to run, without headaches, and with as little maintenance as possible.

Strict Quality Control

Thoroughly Tested

We put each finished product through a strenuous testing process.
Each unit also has to pass our carefully constructed quality control checklist to make sure each unit performs to the same level. Our initial prototype was tested under real working conditions at a local brewery here in Central Oregon. We mimic the same real-world environment when testing each new machine we produce.

We are continually testing and improving our products to bring you the finest product to work in real-world conditions.

Get Financing

Finance Your Keg Washer

We partner with a reputable financing company. Get your Cascade Stainless Solutions Keg Washer working for you!

Cascade Stainless Solutions: [Session Line] Keg Washer Specifications

Common Design Specifications

  • 7-inch Allen-Bradley Touchscreen HMI
  • Allen-Bradley Micro 820 PLC and electrical components
    Automatic Wash Cycle Sequence | “Set and Forget” Operation
  • Fully-Adjustable Keg Washing Cycle Set Points and Parameters
  • Digital Temperature and Pressure Read-Outs
  • Spear-cleaning functionality
  • Air and CO2 Purge Cycles
  • CO2 Keg Pressurization to User Determined Set-Point
  • Brewer-Friendly Interchangeable Tri-Clamp Valves and Fittings
  • 304 Stainless Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Lockable Casters
  • 5500W Stainless Steel Heating Element
  • Micro Matic Stainless Steel Keg Couplers
  • Air Requirements: 120 PSI @ 10 SCFM
  • Recommended Water Requirements: 3/4" Line at 50 PSI equaling ~10 GPM
  • Drain Requirement: No less than 1" ID drain hose
  • Power Requirements: Single or 3 Phase 240V 30 Amp


  • Dimensions 2-Head Keg Washer: 53” L x 45” W x 48" H


  • Capacity 2-Head Keg Washer: 26 Kegs Per Hour with Factory Settings

2 Head Session Line Economical Specification Differences

  • 3/4 HP AMT Pump
  • 30-gallon Stainless Steel Sanitizer Reservoir - Recirculated or Drained
  • 30-gallon Stainless Steel Hot Caustic Reservoir
  • Stainless Steel Pneumatic Valves
  • Built in the USA - 1 Year Warranty

PDF Specifications

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