Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have tried to answer or address some common concerns with our customers that we have encountered over the years.

Answer: The keg washing process varies in time depending on the preferences of the brewer. The Cascade Stainless Keg Washer comes with factory settings to clean two or three kegs in about 5 minutes. The parameters of the keg cleaning cycle are user adjustable on the Cascade Stainless Keg Washer’s touchscreen.

Answer: Both. During the keg washing process, filtered air is initially used to evacuate the kegs of leftover beer. Likewise, during the cleaning cycle, filtered air is used to purge the kegs after the caustic, sanitizer, and rinse cycles.

Answer: Cascade Stainless Keg Washers are extremely easy to install. The Cascade Stainless Keg Washer is plug and play. Your Cascade Stainless Keg Washer will come with the correct electrical plug that corresponds with your building’s outlet. Simply connect compressed air and CO2 to the industrial air quick connect fittings on the side of the keg washer. Connect fresh water to the 1.5” tri-clover connection on the semi-automatic keg washer. Fill the reservoirs with water and the correct concentrations of sodium hydroxide (caustic) and peracetic acid (sanitizer). Now you are ready to clean kegs.

Answer: A Cascade Stainless Keg Washer will clean any size keg. Cascade Stainless Keg Washers run fully automatic keg washing cycles once the kegs are connected. The Cascade Stainless Keg Washer comes will factory settings to clean ½ barrel, ⅙ barrel, and 50-liter kegs. However, the pressure sensor and the user’s ability to adjust cleaning cycle parameters allows the machine to wash any size keg.

Answer: A Cascade Stainless Keg Washer come in standard 2 head (2 station) and 3 head (3 station) models. So the maximum number of kegs is 3 with the 3 station model. If you have larger requirements, this would be a custom build and would need further discussion.

Answer: Cascade Stainless Keg Washers are custom built by hand in the United States in Redmond, Oregon. We use many many American made components, including our high quality Allen-Bradley interface.

Answer: Cascade Stainless Keg Washers use all Allen-Bradley electrical components inside the control boxes of the machine. We use a 7-inch Allen-Bradley touchscreen human-machine-interface (HMI) and Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC). The pressure sensor and thermocouple temperature transmitter are American-made from ProSense.

Answer: As most of our equipment requires some or a lot of custom fabrication work, the lead times can vary widely for Cascade Stainless Keg Washers. We will happilgy provide you with the most up-to-date lead times and inform you of the production schedule, when you inquire about our products.

Answer: Cascade Stainless will typically take 50% down payment and require 50% prior to shipping the unit. Cascade Stainless will help arrange shipping, but the buyer is responsible for the shipping cost and the payment of that shipping cost. We do help arrange shipping to most parts of the world.

The Cascade Stainless 2 Head Keg Washer is 53” L x 45” W

The Cascade Stainless 3 Head Keg Washer is 65” L x 45” W.