What Does A Keg Washer Do? What is a Keg Washer?

What Does A Keg Washer Do? What is a Keg Washer?

Kegs are an indispensable part of a brewer's world and the most common method of delivering their product. No matter if you are brewing beer or any of the many beverage industries implementing kegs these days, kegs are an integral part of your brewery operation.

Keeping kegs clean is paramount to keeping the quality of the brewing process high and the quality of the end product untainted by dirty kegs.

To manually clean a keg is an unpleasant process by anyone's assessment and can take a long time and even more patience. Ultimately taking time away from other important processes in the brewer's life and the brewing cycle itself.

The answer is, of course, to have a machine specifically designed to handle this process. Enter the keg washer or often referred to as a keg cleaner. 

Keg washers can largely be a set-and-forget type of machine. They are most commonly compared to using a dishwasher or a clothes washing machine. There are, of course, some settings and some connections to be made before running  a keg washer. However, the end result is top quality and repeatable cleaning processes that are predictable, efficient, and effective!

Look for our next article on the keg cleaning steps that most standard keg washers follow.

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